Support FAQs

Do my employees need to interface with a PC to use Timecard Monitor?

No – Count Me In solutions use various input devices to identify individuals, so there is no need for someone using Timecard Monitor to touch the PC to clock in/out.

What is Buddy Punching?

“Buddy Punching” is when an employee inserts a timecard in a timeclock for a co-worker.

Can I install Timecard Monitor myself?

Count Me In Products are designed to be set up and administered by every day people, not computer savvy individuals.

Why do I need a support contract?

Think of your support contract as an insurance policy. When you stay current with support we are there to help you and your staff when you are in a bind 8AM-5PM PST, Monday – Friday, except the 5 major U.S. holidays. If you choose to cancel this program, please understand that you will be required to pay for the next year and a reactivation fee of 50% of the next year before you can speak with our support department.

What is your return policy?

All merchandise for return must be in new condition, with its original packaging and sent back to us within 30 days of purchase. All return requests must also follow the instructions: 1. Download the RMA form. 2. Complete the attached RMA request form and return to This form is used for 2 purposes and if neither of these occur, then this form is shredded. This form is used only if, after we receive the damaged unit back it appears to have been damaged by the customer or we do not receive the damaged unit back within 14 days. I have also attached an invoice for the amount that could be charged. 3. Once we receive the completed and signed RMA request and the hardware is tested, a new unit will be shipped out. 4. Use the email sent to you with instruction and return the damaged unit within 14 days to our Las Vegas office for inspection (7251 Amigo Rd, Suite 210, Las Vegas NV 89119).

What is the difference between the fingerprint reader used by Count Me In and other vendors?

All fingerprint products are not created equal; as with any product or technology you currently use, there is a diverse range of quality and reliability on the market. The fingerprint readers we use are optical based and offer proven reliability and durability. These optical readers contain a special silicone film that performs better than most in normal and adverse conditions. Count Me In not only uses superior readers, but we have also developed a best in class fingerprint identification engine.

Do I need to change my business rules to begin using Timecard Monitor?

Timecard Monitor is designed to allow you to continue to run your business the way you do today. You have the choice to use business rules such as breaks, over time, rounding and holidays and to set them up the way you run your business.

Are Count Me In products rule based?

Timecard Monitor not only prevents buddy punching, but it also proactively notifies supervisors of discrepancies from the previous day. For example, in our Bronze Edition, notification would be given if Jane were missing a punch. In our Silver Edition and beyond, notification would be given if Tom took too long of a break, if Nancy was tardy or if Harry was absent. We truly give control of timecards back to management.

Do I need a dedicated PC to use Count Me In products?

Count Me In products do not require dedicated PC’s. In many medical offices Timecards Monitor is loaded on the receptionist’s PC where a practice management program might also be running. Employees can punch in and out while the receptionist is scheduling a patient’s next appointment on the screen.

What type of companies are using Count Me In's Timecard Monitor?

Doctor Offices with 2 or 3 Nurses to larger practices, Quick service restaurants, Grocery Stores, Nursing Homes, Factories, General offices, Retail stores, Florists, Childcare centers, Schools, Vocational / Adult Education, Staffing Agencies, Insurance companies, Manufacturers, Auto dealers, and many many others.

What is the difference between Identification and Verification?

Unlike Count Me In, most fingerprint based solutions use verification as a method of determining or verifying who the individual is. For example, a program will ask the user to enter a PIN, select their name from a pick list, or swipe a card. Then and only then will it compare the fingerprint to the defined identity. This method can be extremely flawed and error prone. Count Me In products are all based on LightningID, which is a 1:many fingerprint Identification engine. Once enrolled, an individual simply taps his finger twice and the system identifies him. For the user, all it takes is a simple as tap tap. LightningID will not identify you as the wrong person. You make the choice – multiple steps, interaction with the PC, or a dedicated box for each and every employee, member or user every time VS. Count Me In solutions with LightningID!

To what payroll packages can Timecard Monitor connect?

The Timecard Monitor package includes the Standard Connection to QuickBooks, which automatically imports data into QuickBooks. However, Count Me In software connects to many other payroll packages with the purchase of a connection. Talk to a Count Me In representative to find out if a connection currently exists for your payroll package. Custom connections are available.