Since installing the PC-based software, the process has been reduced from one that took days to a matter of minutes. Now it’s just a matter of printing out reports and submitting them to our bookkeeper. It keeps us on a ‘tight ship’ by refusing early punch-ins or late departures – because once we enter the work schedule into the system, it automatically refuses to accept hours that don’t correspond.

Thank you so much for providing a paperless and foolproof timecard system for The Mettle Co. Our fingerprint reader together with Count Me In has performed flawlessly for over two years and when we replaced our computer recently you were most helpful in assisting a smooth transition. Employee punctuality is up and paper costs are down. Gone are the days when I had to calculate hours and argue with employees over the math. I am so pleased with myself and your product that I wanted you to know too.

The system enabled the league to cut back costs in numerous ways: Instead of outsourcing payroll, we now handle it on-site – which is a huge cost-savings to the team. We used to use a badge-reader system and were always busy either creating cards for new hires or replacing old ones that were lost or demagnetized. When we realized we could get twice the accuracy with less than half the hassles for essentially the same price as a traditional time clock, there was only one question – would the staff be receptive? Everyone is pleased. Now, if there’s an error on a pay check, what used to take hours and sometimes days, can be rectified immediately.

The Time and Administration System saves me significant time when I am running the payroll. In addition to that, I feel that Count Me In’s product is extremely accurate. Before we streamlined to this system, people simply guessed what time they came into the building and when they left, recording such estimates on their time sheets. Employees would come to work late or take a lunch break, but not document it on their sheets. Now, we know exact times and amounts for everything. It even schedules a half hour lunch break for each employee. The system provides the information we need, including who is working what shift. It has saved the center a great deal of money that we were losing when we relied on time sheets.

We implemented the Timecard Monitor system in March 2004 to replace the badge system we had. Employees were constantly losing their badges and we wanted something computerized that could manage the 100 people we have on staff. Timecard Monitor ensures that we get an honest, accurate reflection of our employees’ time and attendance and we saw an immediate decrease in the number of overtime hours being reported. It also reduced the administrative time we invested in reconciling staff time and in preparing payroll. What used to take three-quarters of a day now is done in less than half an hour. We were so pleased that we installed Timecard Monitor at another one of our facilities in New Orleans, the Maison Orleans II.

Before we got Timecard Monitor, we used a badge reader device, but with 110 employees, you can imagine how frequently we had to deal with forgotten and lost cards. Now, with the fingerprint sensor, there’s no worry about missing cards. Plus it’s far more reliable and prevents any chance of buddy-punching because people can’t falsify their IDs.